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I just started Macha's Curse, and I think my primary weapon is under-powered for this expansion. I am an Etherim archer using the crossbow from Ice and Fire. I had previously played all the expansions before The Quest was upgraded to HD. I wasn't planning on playing through them all again, but I do remember more powerful bows in one or more of the expansions. I would appreciate if someone could tell me which bows (better than Ice & Fire crossbow) are available in which expansions and in which town they are each available. These would be bows I could find or purchase, not as a result of completing a quest. It's been a while since I've played The Quest, and I am looking forward to getting back into it.


  • Bow or crossbow? Crossbows are not in all the expansions. Can you tell me the stats of your bow?

  • I have the light crossbow available from the blacksmith in Eldfell (Ice & Fire). Base damage is 30-40, and it uses bolt quivers, rather than arrows. I know there are more powerful bows and crossbows in other expansions, I just can't remember which expansions and which towns. I prefer light weapons over heavy weapons, since Light Weapons is one of my primary skills. As I mentioned, I'd rather just buy one than have to complete a quest. Thanks for any guidance or suggestions.
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    In Celtic Rift, you can buy Aeon's Long Bow--damage 45-75 enchanted with +10 armor, +20 health, +20 Strength, +20 Dexterity, +20 Accuracy.

    In Macha's Curse, if you camp out at Cor the Smith's you can buy the Dimensional Long bow, damage 135-210, enchanted with +40 Unholy health, +40 Mana, +10 Armor. It's probability of being in his inventory is 1 in 10 which is why you have to camp out until it shows up.

    In Macha's Curse, the Red Branch Bow is on a shelf in the Red Branch Knight's Castle and is free. Damage 90, 165, enchanted with +10 Dexterity, +20 Light Weapon, +20 Mana, +15 Accuracy.

    I could list others in other expansions but the last two are pretty powerful.

  • How about bows and crossbows that are not already enchanted? I prefer to enchant gear myself.

  • You have Cupid's Bow you can buy in Celtic Doom. It's an enchantable crossbow.

  • Where in Celtic Doom can I get Cupid's Bow, and what are it's stats?
  • It has 2500 enchant storeage. You can buy it from Aedan in the Village of Largs.

  • Which shop keepers in which expansions can enchant that high? I know I can also learn the enchant spell and do it myself, but I was just wondering if there were any NPCs who could do it.

  • That's too broad a question for me to answer. I just don't have the time. You can find this out for yourself by playing. :) Mostly you can forget that until HOLIV which is coming soon. Then maybe. But again. This is something you can explore yourself as you travel through the worlds.

  • I understand. I didn't mean for you to spend any time on this. I just thought you or someone else might know. Thank you for this forum. It's a great resource.

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