Moaning Rasvim, Persuade the bat, MineJade & Help enchant a pickax

Hello to everyone and thank you for the inclusion on this portal.

I have several problems to solve quests in HoL III

• Moaning Rasvim
I can not find any rotten water

• 2.Persuade the bat
Bat feed I have. However, I should first play "music" on a harp. And I do not find these?

• 3. Mine Jade & Help enchant a pickax
At first I was desperately looking for this ax. Thought that would be given to me by the quest Lowliet99 or Marachucho_07. Only after I had played through something and installed 2 Moon Gems I suddenly had the ax. Over to the mines but I found only 1 Jade Gem.
Back to Marachucho_07 and he pimped my ax again. Back to the mines ... but find no more. Thought the ax needs to be further enchanted. Because the quest "Help enchant a pickax" is still open. But the good one does not want anymore to enchant.
I have the feeling that I did the quest wrong.

I am very grateful for help

And now a word about the game. Am thrilled
Super entertaining, although sometimes difficult, because after receiving the quest is not always clear where to go or what to do. Part of the quest givers repeat the task. But sometimes I lose the paths.
But I will not give up until I get through this. Play 189 days now and keep having fun.


  • You can buy rotten water at an inn.

    The harp is on a piece of grass in the north of Green Witch Village. You don't need music, just the harp.

    Make sure you're using the Enchanted Pickaxe and you should find enough jade. The Jade is on the cracks there. Are you playing the Classic version or HD version. The name of the axe giver in the HD version is Max. In the Classic version, Maracucho. You have to bring him two Moon crystals each time to get the axe further enchanged. If you still have a problem, you can always buy Jade in a gem store. You can buy the Moon Crystals too from Kuai but you might have to camp out outside his store as they appear there rarely.

    Happy that you like the game. : )

  • Thx for reply
    I play the classic. Moon Crystals i have enough. I will try later on again in Jade Mine. I am sure that I hit several times the cracks but nothing happend.
  • Kuai doesn't exist in the Classic version so I'm glad you have enough Moon Crystals.

  • now I finished my "enchant a pickax" quest. But I still can't mine Jade Gems in Jade Mine?!
    Is that just a misinformation in the mine to look for and you should find your luck with a jeweler?

    And could it be, that rotten Water should be found out of the Land of HoL III?

  • Did you get another axe? He should now tell you he can't enchant it anymore. Did you equip the Enchanted Axe and hit the cracks? Rotten water is just the kind of water Rasvim can drink. Did you try the inns? Also in most expansions, there are usually wells where you can get it. You often can find it lying around. I think you need ten.

  • edited May 2019
    I have 9 contaminated Water. Is this means „ rotten Water“ ?
    I try it
  • Damm, that was it. My english is not the best and I have always search for Water named rotten. :( :D
    Sorry and thx for help
  • No need to apologize. I'm glad it worked for you. Let me know how you do with the jade.

  • Shame on my head
    Because I carry everything that I found in HoL III so far I have not registered that I have 3 axes in the inventory. Was stiffened on the one ax from the beginning.
    Now it worked. Even more than 10 Jade Gems found :)

    If I can figure out how to get Vaterguy a/k/a mole to fight with me then I'm happy. Is one of my 2 last Quest

  • You can't kill him. You can only make him give up his life of crime and disappear. Just do his two quests. Vaterguy is a real person from the old forums. He would not have wanted to killed off. : )

  • Yes, finished B)
    Thx again for your Support "Mieze" Cat

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