I’m probably missing something obvious but I have done all quests except finding that sword and curing the hunchback (and therefore helping Cat’s friend). I have matches and the special weed but can’t for the life of me find a pipe! He says to look in Seversk but I can’t find one! Can anyone help??


  • Don’t worry I just saw Jamie’s guide :) on the third floor of Kozney’s castle now and can’t seem to get past the force field. Tried casting all kinds of stuff at it. Could have sworn some of the switches that went Bong Bing now go Bong Bong.
  • Forcefields on 3rd floor cannot be put down by a spell. There is always a way to break them by doing something particular. Be patient, read and look. And all awitches must always be Bing...

  • Thanks, I cracked it :)
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    Check the windows in seversk for the pipe
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