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The Dead Monarch doesn’t prompt for the harp, and the harp isn’t in the Ice Witch’s Castle. I went and bought it from Phredd. Nothing.
I went back to the beginning at it’s not there, again.


  • He now returns you to Seversk Harbor
  • The Dead Monarch does take the harp and then he enchants a magic whalebone for you and says, "The enchantment was successful. Take this magic whale bone and offer it to the Goddess of Fair Sailing to the north. If she accepts your offer, she'll help you repair one of the rotten, old ships you'll find here which will take you to Venets Island."

    He does not return you to Seversk Harbor.

    Bootsman Lom takes you to Seversk Harbor.

    I think perhaps you're not talking to the Dead Monarch but to Bootsman Lom?

  • nope—and I’ve completed all of the quests except venet island stuff.
    the characters are clearly labeled.
    i’ve restarted the level 3 times.
    no harp in Ice witch’s castle and monarch offers seversk
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    What does the Dead Monarch say to you when you talk to him? Can you post a screenshot of what he looks like because he definitely doesn't take you to Seversk. What does Bootsman Lom say to you when you talk to him?

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    The two guys look a lot alike. Lom-

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    Dead Monarch--

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