In Maniacal mirror room , cannot access browned out sections in "stuck at beginning of MMR"

Heroes of Lukemon 3: I'm in the Maniacal mirror room , and cannot access the browned out sections in post titled "stuck at beginning of MMR". I suspect these areas have Kozney's lair trap and death. i have the mirror room key. Wearing Kosney's eye. Been through all 6 mirrors. Cannot get into browned areas of post "stuck at beginning of MMR". Please assist. otherwise love these games, got them all.


  • Thanks in advance

  • Left areas browned out needed. not right side central one.

  • I don't know which area you mean. Can you put up a pic? By browned out, do you mean the blue scratched out sections or something different?

  • If you mean the left hand side area with the brown ground--you need to set visible the mirror that's on the northwest side of the Mirror Room. Just keep walking around until you see it appear.

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