Bring skulls of eyes

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Have collected the 15 skulls he refers to for this quest, however he does not give me an option to complete the quest.


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    Also their are 2 teleporters on the Reanimators Swamp map that appear active, yet do not give the option to teleport. 1 is in the northwest section of the map, closest to the hallway that connect the 3 map sections.
    The other is in the area with the walls to the south. This area has a ladder leading back to the Reanimators Swamp Lair map, to the gated area in the southwest area of that map. The southeast gate is the one he opens upon giving this quest.
    I have yet to access the northwest and northeast gated areas.
    Once again the map I am referring to is the Reanimators Swamp map, not the Reanimators Swamp Lair map.
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    Are you sure the skulls you have are all Undead Eye Skulls? Gold skulls.

    Those teleporters are just decorative.

    The Reanimator will open those doors after you do his quests in order. So first you need to do the Skulls of Eyes quest and check how many you have--are they 15 gold skulls labeled Undead Eye Skulls.

    There are hidden walls in the Swamp. Did you find them?

  • Yes they are the proper items. I found all the hidden walls. I keep getting the message not to talk to him.
  • Don't talk to me is a general response that appears randomly in that type of creature.

    In the dialogue section, what does he say to you?

    Possibilities are:

    I'll take those pathetic things. Now, I command you bring me 15 skulls of Undead Hounds. I'll open the gate.

    Bring me exactly 15 Undead Eye skulls so I may reanimate them, unholy fetcher.

    Is the quest still open in your quest log?

    Can you put up a pic of what his dialogue is?

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    No other dialogue from him. I also included a map pic.
    Thanks again for any help.
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    I think I see your problem. He won't talk to you unless you have the Undead Robes in your inventory. The Undead Apprentice near the entrance drops it. If you don't have the robes go to another level inn and try sleeping for 7 days and nights--21 hours. He should respawn. Of course, all the other monsters you killed will respawn too.

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