Totally Stuck at the end !

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Hi, I'm totally stumped how to finish this game, for the first time in the series, two left and they the main ones, Rescue Merlin & Kill Kamber, the two brothers say or give nothing (amulet) as I have yet to rescue Merlin, so that explains why I'm unable to do the Kamber one, I've tried everything and searched extensively online, but I'm not finding an answer!
So how do you rescue Merlin ? I get as far as the "Summoning Room" in the "Province of Conjurers" and the toothed gate will not open nor can I find any way to do so? I'm assuming Merlin is down that route ? Many thank for any help .


  • You need to learn the Conjurere's Spell there and use that spell on that gate.

    When you've brought the Conjurer his stones, he tells you, 'You have the stones. There's one more test to prove you're worthy of having the means to enter Merlin's cell. Defeat the monster in the room beyond that gate and pick up his spell.'

    That's the spell you need to open the gate to his cell.

  • Thank you, but that has no effect, had tried that and virtually everything else I could think of? I'm on Android if that makes any difference? Getting a bit frustrated as I want to start the next expansion, but I'm reluctant to do so without finishing this one... But I'm just going around in circles with it ! And seems wrong not being able to complete the two main objectives of this expansion!

  • Also tried 21 nights sleep to no avail ?

  • It just dawned on me that you're not at the door to Merlin's Cell. You're before that.

    You need the Master Key to open that gate if you are where I think you are.

    Go through the grate there and find the pile of dirt near bones in the Midwest that can give you the Master Key.

  • Ah ! Will try that, I have been down there many times.... But I don't remember getting a key.... Fingers crossed that's it !
    Many thanks 👍

  • Brilliant yes that was it ! Thank you 👍 onwards to HOL III 😁

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