Another MMR question

I've accessed most of the area except one small square area just to the right of the lower/southern end of the main hall (the one the transporters bring you to).

I've discovered two shelves and eight mirrors (although I'm not sure I've gone through all - getting message that I don't have what's needed, including the SE mirror (on right wall) and I think the NE one in the alcove.


  • See the room with holes that's below the MMR---you've already been to that room--one of those holes leads you to an area in the south that leads you to other areas in the south. I don't think your problem has anything to do with the MMR but with not going down at least one of those holes--particularly in the south east of the room with the holes and then taking a teleporter there. That teleporter takes you to part of the blank space in your map, which will then take you to another blank space in your map.

  • Done! Thank you!!
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