Stuck in Mymber werewolf quest in Celtic Queen

Could anyone help please?
I think that I have found Mymber in the wolfs den dungeon, assuming that he appears as a Grey Wolf. I have both the Darkenmoon Mirror and the Wolfsbane but the only response I get from the wolf is a growl.
I am undoubtedly doing something stupid but what?
What makes this particularly frustrating is that this is the second time my wife and I have played this game and we did not have this trouble last time.


  • This is the right wolf. If you've found him and have more than one Wolf Bane in your inventory or somehow more than one Dark Moon Mirror, drop the excess and then tap him.

  • Thank you for your help. It looks like shop bought or freshly foraged wolfbane does not do the trick. It worked when I used wolfbane obtained from Granny Sage.
    Thanks again.

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