Blessed censer seemingly out of reach.

Hello Cat, Can't seem to get through circle at Druid's circle, to speak w Druid. Supposedly kettle is NE same quadrant/square on a pass-over rock, cannot find, there or anywhere there. This should open up a lot of the game. Thanks.


  • I moved this to Celtic Queen. You need Kohor's Lucky Charm, then tap the southeastern stone twice. Kohor Swollenfoot will sell you the charm if you don't have it.

  • Kohor's door is locked, now. Don't remember what i did for him, thanks.

  • Otherwise, where was the original Kohor lucky charm obtained , please ?

  • He is the original source. He sells it specially, not in a shop. It's not available in a shop. I'll give it to Phredd to sell in an update.

    It's not sellable. If his door is locked you got the amulet. Maybe you put it in your stash?

  • Thanks Greatly, not in stash, and learned long ago to not sell ever, almost anything. Will try "Scw's GB Amulet", and then Phredd. Thanks for your patience.

  • Just wait for the update. : )

  • Worked, thanks Cat. Still was tricky though.....

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