Prince Dragokahn

Have been on pogan island. Have searched the exterior and interior of Dram Castle. I still can't find him though. Where on the map can he be found? Any help is appreciated.


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    I keep moving only one space at a time as well, as though there is an enemy nearby. Plus I can here it moving, but cannot locate. I searched the entire map. This is the android version on mobile.

    Wearing the cloak and arming the pirate shorts word, when I go up the stairs behind me in the uploaded picture it says "A set set of stairs has become visible". The only other stairs I can find are directly in front of me in the picture.

    It my last quest for Luko 3 also.

    Great game. Thanks for any help you can provide. (:
  • Dragokahn is indeed upstairs but you need to step in a spot with Duke's Jumping Boots in your inventory to get up to him.

  • Worked great. Thanks again Cat. : )
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