Pacify Karachun

I am trying to get the concoction to pacify Karachun.

In other threads I see you need the dark mushroom (already have it) and the cyclops lily.

You are supposed to get the later from a quest "magic mirror" from king uhfuss. But I talked to him but don't get the quest (princess Gytiss is talking about the Magic Mirror it but no quest either).

I guess that's why I don't find the magic mirror in this "spiky green bush" I read about in another thread?

And no idea where to find this "cook" or "Chef Stroganov" I should bring both ingredients?



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    I found Chef Stroganov just by luck. After talking to him, King Uhfuss gave me the Magic Mirror quest.

    HOL1 completed :)

  • Congratulations on getting through! ^^

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