Help with Fluffy the bat

Hello all,
well, it took me about 6 years but im finally back to The Quest saga :-)
Im trying to finish "Persuade the Bat" quest, but after finding the harp Fluffy doesnt want to talk with me (I do have batnip, 130 Personality and 230 persuasion).
Also, how do i clean the bat litter? (I think i have to use some sirt of special weapon, but i really have no clue. it`s been so long since i played HOW3 lol)


  • Do you have the harp? You don't need a special tool to clean the litter. You can use your hands. : ) That is, just touch it once he hints he might need his litter cleaned.

  • I have the harp (2 actually), i have enough batnip, but he keep saying "long live the Tzar", with no conversation options. Am i missing something, or is it a bug?

  • I found out what the problem was: It turns out you can solve the "Find Alice" quest by talking to Old Shaman BEFORE you give her Kozneys ring. If you do that, Fluffy wont talk to you which means you cant finish that quest (and the entire expansion). Luckily. I have a save file from the begining of the expansion, so i restarted it and managed to solve that quest. Thanks for your help quest (and as always: sorry for losing that rock...)

  • I checked the interdependencies of Old Shaman, Alice and the bat and don't see any connection. Fluffy talking to you just depends on whether you have the quest to help him and whether you have the harp, batnip and have cleaned his litter. It's ok about the rock.

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