Fox holes

Finished this expansion - Thanks Cat you and your team : a really good work ! - but two things remain

  • how to open the gate just righ of the holes room : a hole keeps open so i cant acces the gate
    and for the other side I can access the gate but I did not find any key !

  • little sisters : I dont receive any spell ! what a scam !


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    Thank you. You already bought the spell you get there elsewhere or found it. They don't give you a spellbook, they teach you a spell via the script. If you already learned the spell elsewhere, you would not get anything. If you did not know the spell they give you the knowledge of, of course, then you've bought something useful but expensive. Yes, they are a scam. They're not nice witches, just on the lookout to take your money. Everybody has so much gold, I thought it would be nice to have some npc's to take some away.

    You can't open the gate to the right of the holes room. It's just decorative. You have to enter that area from a hole in the ground in St. Digain's Church.

  • After spell ironfist on the red rock then there is a locked door, how can i get that key?
  • You can't open that door. The area you're in and the area behind that gate each have their own entrances. You can enter the area behind that gate from a hole near St. Sampson's Abbey.

  • Can not find hunting horn after explore both door in fox holes just meet 3 witches. pls hlp
  • When you go down the hole near the Hunting Lodge, you'll find another hole in the wall but you'll need Strength greater than 65 to pull out the horn.

  • Ops there is many way to the fox holes.. thx
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