Three Quests Left and Stuck

So I have already killed Kamber, but three remaining quests have me stumped.

Tears of Remembrance: I have the tears but cannot find the coffin anywhere in Castle Kamber. The only place I cant get to is one red wall section, which is right near the red wall section the scrying mirror was behind.

Find Death: Can't find Death. Or Kale Castle.

Kill Prince Malin: Prince Malin is already rescued and gone. Merlin is also rescued, but won't even let me fail the quest. Not sure what to do here


  • Tears of Remembrance: For Bryan, Hall of Air Magic, Merlin's Keep, Holy Island, find the Pool of Tears guarded by the goddess Morrigan and exchange an empty flask for a flask of Tears of Remembrance. Take that flask to Madden's coffin in Kamber's Castle and drop some of the tears on it. Return to Bryan with whatever you are given there. They say the goddess Morrigan likes to drink at a Pool of Tears that can be found in the Sunken Cave, Silver Bay.

    Pic should help.

  • That quest and that level are in Celtic Queen.

    Your other quests are in Celtic Doom so you won't find Kale Castle or Death in Celtic Queen. You get to Kale Castle from the surface map Kale Castle in the Mideast of Celtic Doom. You get to Death's Dominion where you can find Death not in Celtic Queen but in Celtic Doom. Enter Death's Repose from Death's Sanctuary.

    I think your Merlin problem might be the same--you need to turn in the quest to Kill Prince Malin to be failed to Merlin in Celtic Doom. The Rescue Merlin quest is in Celtic Queen not Celtic Doom.

    So I think you have to make sure you're in the right expansion to turn in the right quest.

  • Thank you! I accidentally took the boat from Mithria to the wrong one and must have accidentally picked up those quests without noticing. Holy smokes, I never would have figured that out. Thank you again!

  • That north west corner section where you hit the wall is not on my map and I can't figure out how to get there

  • I'm sorry, northeast. The other sections of the map I've been to, though

  • Go to the Upper Chambers. You'll see a red wall on your right. You'll need the quest Save the hogs. For Drinn the Farmer, Lian's Field, bring him a Cure Splayfoot potion to save his hogs. You can get this from the Deathsayer staying in Kamber's Castle, You have to kill him to get it.

    If you have that quest, hit the red wall on the right. It will get you into that area if you hit the other blue walls that have a small dot on them in the pic.

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