• Does this mean it's close to release :)
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    Yup. I have a few minor quests to finish. But by Monday, I should be able to send the file to Elendil and he will prepare it for submission to the mobile stores. There is a LOT of fighting. Many mobs. Many but not all can be paralyzed so you need to use strategy to survive.

  • Great Cat, finally! Just do not tell me that Android will be approved shortly and we all will have to wait another 3 weeks for Appstore...

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    Testing is done. The only problem is that Elendil is really busy right now and that is understandable. So the release will most likely be in the early part of October. Hopefully around the first week. That's not a bad thing though because some of the levels are really hard so it gives you time to level up and organize your potions and gear. There are several nasty, new diseases.

    The expansions that have taken the most time being approved by the App Store are the ports because Apple gets confused that there is a Classic version and HD version. Since this is a new expansion, there should be no problem.

    We should all appreciate that Elendil has a heavy workload, especially with work on the Quest II and be patient.

    And level up. 😀

  • Thank you for nice explanation Cat and really looking forward to this part. Your job is great!

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    I really enjoyed playing this expansion (and creating it) even though I died so many times. Keep at least two save files. At level 81, I still died in some dungeons.

    I still can't beat the Water Jinns' Home although Old Shaman did.

    There will probably be a sequel some time. There is a strongish sword at the beginning for those who like questing and don't like killing so much. If you don't need it, just sell it.

    Hint: To win the Turban Tying Contest, you need to be dexterous. I failed.

  • Stop teasing us...:-). Sounds fantastic. Also can you please post a map of the game (not in word, but picture). Thanks.

  • What is the minimum level needed for a character? I am currently at level 77 (after completing HoL IV), but it sounds like I might want to be around 79 or 80 before starting Basilisk's Eye. If so, where might be a good place to grind in either Celtic Doom or HoL IV?

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    @Aeon - Map is attached. In addition to a nice chunk of surface space, there are many drop down dungeons. A few are just to level up and fight hard monsters if you want. Most have things going on. : )

    @ Thenedor: You can start Basilisk's Eye at level 75. Use my Talwar and Pedsipec's shield and you should be fine. The snakes at the beginning and the Nature Fairies are the worst as you can't paralyze them. But I managed to survive. You will level up quite a bit. If you want to level up before you start Basilisk's, sleep in an inn in HOLIV for 7 days and nights and the monsters will respawn.

    I scattered some holes over the world in some spots so you can hide and revive. : )

  • Many thanks for the map Cat. Looks challenging/ interesting/ dangerous/ hideous/ catastrophic/ carnivorous/ exciting and malevolent...

    Love dungeons!

  • Can’t wait!!! Cat...thank you for all the work!!! This will be awesome!!!
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