Strange plants in Forest of Winds

Help me. I can't go through strange plants in Forest of Winds. They prevent me to get into the one only house there (I assume that's where Jar of Wind is). Did I miss something? Thank you.


  • Step on the black flowers in various areas there. They act as switches to remove the ones blocking your way. To make sure you get all the flowers, drop something by the flower you step on so you don't need to do that flower again.

  • What about the ones blocked by trees?

  • Hit the trees with your weapon.

  • Many thanks!

  • Hi! Whats the use of the jar?
  • If you're playing the HD version, it's a quest. "For DeMenchev, Redshift University, find the shrine of Mat Zemlya and offer her beer and bread so she will give you her Jar of Winds."

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